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If you haven’t been exercising, do not start too fast. We have plenty of time and you don’t want to burn out or get hurt. You can do this! The information below explains how to get started with our workout programs at your current fitness level and increase in intensity over time. If you’d like more help, we have Individual, Team and Group Onsite Training Programs for a quick tune up or a custom built workout program. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Although we encourage all participants to try to complete the full workouts, we realize that some folks are just beginning their training. Our Online Training and Mud Run Manual workouts are designed to be timed and results driven.

Beginners should scale workouts back to 1/3 of workout for first two weeks of training (i.e. 1/3 of repetitions and distance), graduating this to 1/2 of repetitions and distance on the third week of training.

From your fourth week of training forward, try to incorporate the full workout programs. If you cant run the entire way, break into a walk, then get back at it. It is usually harder to go from run to walk and then back to run, and control your breathing pattern. With that in mind, try and slow down your pace and keep a steady rhythm.

Your workouts are based on three times per week with two longer runs on your off days

(i.e. workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – with longer runs Tuesday and Saturday).

Remember, your muscles need recovery time to grow and get stronger. You should not try to do more than three of these types of workouts per week. Adding in some conventional strength training will be beneficial, but not required.

All of our workouts have a warm up and brief cool down period. You cannot stretch a cold muscle; it is imperative that you increase blood flow and heart rate PRIOR TO your workout. We are not only hoping that you do well in the event, but we also want to keep you injury free.

For all of the advanced exercisers as well as you weekend warriors; This program is ready to be conquered. Please let us know of your times and accomplishments by contacting us so we can post online as encouragement to others.

We hope you enjoy every painful exhausting minute of training and we hope to see you at the big event. Stop by Bodyshop Athletics tent at the race start and meet our staff.

Until then, Semper Fi and Semper Fit!

Stay Strong!!!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!